Our Story

A simple family A Huge Goal

Alchemy, a no kill, no transfer, non-profit 501c3 animal sanctuary was founded in 2004 by the Sacco Family. We have dedicated our lives to be the voice for the animals. We have been working on a shoe string budget off of land that has been in our family for over 75 years. However, this land was meant for car repairs, tire sales and a construction company not an animal sanctuary. The current location is 15 acres surrounded by roads on three sides.  Our family decided to make a big move and find land better equipped to give these animals the lives they deserve. We purchased a small piece of land by mortgaging our family business' land in hopes that the community will pull together to help raise the funds for the rest of the land for Alchemy.  The castle on the property will be used as the event center, known as Whispering Pines Castle. The following buildings will be built in order to make this dream come true; dog kennel building with indoor/outdoor runs, cat kennel with an enclosed patio, feral cat area, horse barn, large animal barn, bird aviary, and other smaller buildings including a wildlife rehabilitation center. Some of the fields that will not be used for farming will be fenced in for large dog play areas. There are nature trails/horseback riding trails on the property currently.

Please help Alchemy make this dream come true for the ANIMALS!  All donations made to Alchemy are tax deductible.