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Our Story

A simple family A Huge Goal

The Sacco Family has worked with nonprofits most of their lives.  Whispering Pines Castle was established to help 501c3 non profit organizations and has helped them since 2017.  W e purchased a small piece of land by mortgaging our family business' land in hopes that the community will pull together to help raise the funds for a nature preserve.   The castle on the property will be used as the event center, known as Whispering Pines Castle.   There were nature trails/horseback riding trails established on the property and will be restored.  Over 100 acres of the land is wooded and Bull Run Creek runs through this area.  The remnants  of an old cabin can be found near the creek.  It was built by the foreman who started building the castle in 1930.  This was his makeshift home which included a fireplace.  This too will be restored and properly marked for the public to visit.  We look forward to helping our community and working with educators.

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